Creative Writing and Literary Studies

I have completed a minor in the Creative Writing Department, focusing particularly on literary translations and have done several courses in literary studies in the English Department.

  • Introduction to Creative Writing (Monsoon 2018)

Professor : Janice Pariat

This course explored different forms and techniques of writing by exploring different genres of prose and poetry. Weekly assignments were set-up and we had submit a final portfolio consisting of our consolidated work of prose and poetry.

  • Craft of Writing through Translations (Monsoon 2018)

Professor: Arunava Sinha

This course explored the craft of creative writing through a focused technique of translation. We explored prose, poetry, non-fiction writing and many other forms by translating them. The two major translations that I did for this course are:

    • A major part of Swapnamoy Chakraborty 's Anugolpo

    • Two short stories by Satyajit Ray:

      • The Rise and Fall of Arjoshekhar (Arjoshekhar er Jonmo o Mrityu)

      • Piku’s Diary (Pikur Diary)

  • Translation Workshop (Spring 2019)

Professor: Arunava Sinha

In this course, I started working on Ramayaner Sei Bonobasher Pothe by Shirshendu Mukhopadhaya, which later become by Creative Writing Thesis.

  • Seminar in the Literature and the Environment (Spring 2019)

Professor: Alexander Philips

  • Fiction Workshop (Monsoon 2019)

Professor: Vivek Shanbag

This is a higher level course for fiction writing, where we largely worked on shorter forms of story telling.

  • Introduction to Medievalism: Vision and Visionaries (Spring 2020)

Professor Alexandra Verini

How can we make sense of spiritual experiences that exceed a post-enlightenment sense of the real? Without homogenizing or simplifying how might we read comparatively across mystical traditions? How do mystics represent experiences that exceed the human senses . With these questions in mind, this course, offered a comparative introduction to medieval mysticism from Sufi, Hindu, and Christian religious traditions. Examining writings and visual representations by and of a wide variety of mystics--from Hildegard von Bingen to Kabir to Rabia of Basra-- we will at once historically situate medieval visionaries while also considering points of intersection.

  • Publishing Seminar (Spring 2020)

Professor Arpita Das

This course, which accompanies the thesis writing process, covered the various tools of editing a manuscript to make it publication ready.